Download McTibia and install on your PC.


All Versions are available in the McTibia (10.35).


on Tibia
Its all ! Now you can play on many Tibia clients ! Have Fun !

Tibia MC

This Tibia Mc (multiclient) allows you to open several Tibia clients. This tool includes source code so you can see that it is safe. It works in all recent versions of Tibia, up to tibia 10.35. This Tibia multiclient 10.35 does not need to modify Tibia.exe at all!
This is open source. You can check the code so you can see with your own eyes that it doesn't have any virus or troyan. Feel free to improve the code if you feel you can improve it. I want this code maintained by the whole community of programmers so we make a real unbeatable master piece.